I've got this goal. To mantain a body that's in decent shape.

I've found that when it comes to eating healthy and working out, numbers don't work for me. I need a visual. Of something I want to wear. Like, for my cousin's wedding, wanting to look good in a specific dress. Or Mexico, I had a new plaid swimsuit to wear that I wanted to look hot in. So I've decided that for each season I need to have something I'm really excited about wearing. Something that's more form fitting, that I think it super cute and looks good on my body when my body is in it's best shape.

So, for fall, even though I know we're halfway through fall, I'm really into the leggings look. With a big poofy sweater and boots. Or with Converse, maybe red ones. And an oversized man's dress shirt, belted, to be more punky. As long as whatever I wear on top is long enough to cover my rear.

This works, because my legs have to look good enough to sustain the legging trend. And I know, I know, lots of girls of all various shapes and sizes can wear leggings. But I'm more picky when it's me. So leggings it is!

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