My accounting teacher is kind of hilarious. In a way that most of the time drives me nuts, but is on occasion just really, really funny. To me, but not really to anyone else.

She brought us candy for Halloween. She was sick last Wednesday though, so we got it in class today. All the while she was handing it out she was talking about how some kids had stolen the candy AND the bowl she had left out on the front porch when she went to Grandma's. She was all, "can you believe they stole the BOWL?"

Now, she's told us many times just how close she lives to campus. All the areas around campus involve some degree of shadiness. Like, some don't-walk-around-at-night-alone, to some, well, they probably don't provide parental supervision when their kids are trick-or-treating. Doesn't surprise me one bit that the kids stole the whole bowl. They're kids, it's candy, and there's no adult there to tell them no.

She gave us Starbursts today. Wow, it's been a long time since I had one of those. My eyes were squinting and my lips were puckering from how sour they are. But they're still as good as I remember.

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