So, when Christmas rolls around I get really excited to figure out what I'm going to wear at all the different Christmas events I attend throughout the season. Due to the parents being divorced thing, I have a lot of Christmases to attend. This year it'll be eight. My mom's family, Joe's family, Joe's extended family, my mom's extended family, my dad's family, Cheryl's family, Phil's family, and our roommate Christmas.

The only one I get dressed up fancy for is my dad's family Christmas on Christmas Eve. We go to church that night and I usually wear a skirt or a dress.
I won't actually be able to wear the perceived outfit I'm putting together in my mind right now, due to the fact that the inspiration for the outfit--these adorable red ankle boots--are $430. But it's fun to dream!
I'd wear them with this super cute classic black dress with a red cardigan on over it to keep me warm and black opaque tights on underneath, because that much bare leg is too much for Christmastime. Eee! So cute. I'll have to try to replicate a cheaper version.

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