I've decided I need to start featuring photographers I love on my blog. Because really, I have about 20 photographers sites that I check every single day, plus a bunch of wedding sites that I look at that feature photographers so I keep finding more and more photographer sites to check every single day. So I may as well start sharing them.

Today I found a new photographer. Jesse Leake. He's a wedding photographer who also loves travel photography, taking pictures all over the world. For this wedding, he did these great headshots of each person in the wedding party, plus some guests. I love them. They're so full of character.
I especially love how diverse the wedding party is. Thinking about all the friends I have right now...we really all look the same. But here is a wedding party and a wedding couple that don't look like the person they're standing next to, and they're all such beautiful people. I love it!

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