I am going to New York City.

When is yet to be determined.

I have frequent flier miles. All of my college friends find this to be nuts. But I do kind of fly a lot. And when you fly a lot, you accumulate such things. And you get to go places. For free. Well, the flight will be free. The rest, not so much.

Which brings me to New York City. I'm pretty much positive that's where I want to go. Problem is, the flight isn't the expensive part about going to New York. It's the hotel. And the Broadway show I can't go to NYC without seeing. And the shopping I'd want to do there. Not even a lot of shopping, just some actual purchasing and mostly just looking in all these stores that I think are outrageously overpriced. And the fact that just MEALS cost more there.

And, then, you know, I have to find someone to go with me. Because I'm clearly far too social to go without someone else. And the small fact that I'm a broke college kid, and most of my friends are broke college kids...and while I'm one of those kids willing to spend money on travel, not all of my friends are. And if they are, they're not so interested in New York.

So I might use my frequent flier miles to go to a coast with a friend and chill on a beach for five days and stay in a Holiday Inn.

But. Before I die, I AM going to New York City.

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