Last year, for Christmas, my father wanted a calendar full of pictures of me doing things I like to do. Well, I couldn't just take it at that and put pictures up of things I like to do, I had to put together a collection of images and add words to them to accurately explain the pictures.

It was actually kind of hard to come up with 12 things I really like to do that I could accurately portray in photographs, but it was a fun project to do, and perfect to do in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Brought up all sorts of things I was thankful for.

I was looking through old images a couple days ago that I'd used in that. One of the months I wrote about how much I love clothes, and makeup, and hair products. Basically about style. And I'd used this picture for that, along with a shot of some of my jewelry and a shot of my makeup brushes.

When I looked at this picture, I was like, oh! I miss my long hair!

I get sick of my hair being one length or one color, so I'll chop it off and dye it. But now I'm thinking I'll hold out on cutting it for a while and go back to long hair for a bit. Change things up.

I was considering adding some honey blonde to it too...but that'll have to wait til after Jilane and CJ's wedding in March. I'd rather not try anything too drastic before I have to be in lots of pictures!

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