So I'm doing a combination post today. Combining two people I'm thankful for in one story.

Side note -- I'm entering this to ModCloth for a chance to win some free clothes, but that doesn't lessen how thankful I am for these two. I had this post written up and then realized that the offer for ModCloth ends today and thought it was all just too perfect. Anyway, moving on...

I'm officially on day 22 of working out. Straight. Which has got to be some kind of record for me. But I really do enjoy it. Problem is, after 14 days of working out, I weighed the same and my clothes fit the same and I was ANNOYED. And I know it's only 14 days straight, but I'd been working out considerably before that and nothing was changing. I figured it came down to what I was eating. Because of this, I decided to talk to Phil.

Phil is this wealth of knowledge. He loves learning stuff, and he doesn't forget things. He soaks up information about languages and cultures and astronomy and music. He also happens to have soaked up knowledge about fitness stuff. I decided to take advantage of it, and asked him to help me figure out what I can and cannot eat. I had requirements. They had to be things that are easy to make, because typically I don't like spending a lot of time preparing food. And some of the food had to be things I could buy on campus for the days that I eat lunch there, because if I had to pack something I probably wouldn't do it.

So Phil took the time to figure out how many calories someone my size should consume in a day and how many of what kind, and how eating too less is bad just like eating too much is. And took the time to explain it all to me, which could have possibly taken longer than the research did. My favorite part about what he told me...I can eat peanut butter! Apparently it's a slow burning carb, so the occasional spoonful before bed is actually really good for you.

Meanwhile, I'd been talking to my Mom about this too. I knew that I wanted to incorporate fish into my diet, because it's good to eat and good for you. But I have no idea how to prepare fish. So I mentioned it to my mom, the recipe queen, and she went and found me various recipes for different kinds of fish off the internet and printed them out for me, writing little notes with various ideas to mix up the recipes a bit.

This is the best part about that. Back when I moved into my townhouse with the girls, my mom gave me a bag filled with goodies. Things like a bread knife, a flashlight, batteries, tooth brushes...general necessities in life. One of the things in the bag, though, was a binder full of recipes of things she makes that I like. So, when I got my fish recipes, I wanted to put them in the binder, but I realized this when I got back to my townhouse and was disappointed I hadn't remembered to punch holes in them at home, because I don't have a hole puncher at my townhouse.

Then I pulled the recipes out of my backpack to find that my mom had remembered, and punched holes in them, knowing that I'd want to stick them in my binder.


So thanks God, for blessing me, for now, with a boyfriend who is willing to take the time to learn about something that matters to me, and has ulimate patience teaching me things I don't understand. And thanks again God, for blessing me, for now, with a Mom who is always a few steps ahead of me, even if it drives me nuts sometimes.

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