My Thanksgiving is always crazy busy. That's what happens when your parents are divorced, you have lots of families to see on every holiday. So I always start out driving an hour to a noon celebration with my mom's extended family, and then leaving by two to drive another hour to my dad's house for Thanksgiving at three with his girlfriend's mom and sister and sometimes some of my dad's family too. So, by four, I've eaten more than any person should eat in a week.

Normally, my exstepsisters(yeah, long story) have Thanksgiving at their dad's house right up the road from my dad's house. After my dad and their mom got divorced, they didn't like each other a whole lot, but their dad and my dad got along and I spent a lot of time with them at their dad's house. Through that time I got to know their extended family on their dad's side pretty well. So when they're all there on Thanksgiving I like to go see them.

After all the visiting, Katie, my youngest sister, always comes back to my dad's house with me and we go upstairs to my room and giggle and talk about family and boys and anything that's on her mind.

It rocks. I am so thankful for the time I can spend with that little girl. Laughing together about the craziest things, her stealing my phone away from me to text message Phil and tell him that I don't like cold feet on me while she's trying her hardest to get her feet through the covers to my bare legs. Being a big sister and listening as she talks about the hurts in her life and wishing more than anything that I could take them away.
A right-now resolution of mine? Spend more time with my sister, just listening.

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