I really like hugs. And kind of hugs. Friend hugs, family hugs, kid hugs, Philip hugs. Love them. I crave a certain kind of hug though. The kind that are...protective. Or...comforting. It's hard to explain.

Let's put it this way. You know how in a hug there's like the person who's leaning into the hug and then the person who's holding the other person up? Kind of both literally and figuratively. The one who needs the hug and the one who's fulfilling the need. Sometimes you both need a hug, and that's different. But I crave the kind of hug where I'm the one who needs the hug. The ones I get from my mom or stepdad or Phil. When they're holding and comforting me, and my only job is to be held.

Sometimes those hugs come from my girlfriends, but most of the time those hugs are excited, girly, we-love-each-other hugs. And hugs with kids are when I'm usually the one who's fulfilling the need. I don't crave those hugs yet, but I suspect I will when I have children.

Right now I haven't been home for two weeks and in those two weeks I only saw Phil for a few hours. Sometimes school and work overtakes my life. I'm heading home tonight and I get to spend time with Phil this weekend. I'm so excited for the hugs.

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