Last year my friends started this tradition where we get dressed up in hot dresses and go out to eat for Sweetest Day. It's fun. It's all girls, and we dress up for ourselves, despite the fact that most of us have guys we could dress up for. The point is we like to look good for ourselves, and it's fun to erupt into giggles when we notice guys trying not to be obvious about following this great looking group of girls with their eyes when we walk by.

Whenever we do something like this we like to document our hotness with pictures. This time we went a little nuts. With Laura encouraging Janna and Amanda, I took quite a few pictures of all three of them. We got Amanda really laughing, Janna let down her hair to reveal a serious amount of sexiness, and Laura did what she always does, turning on her come hither face in 2.7 seconds.
Whitty got there just in time to change, so she didn't get any individual pictures, and Jilaney met us at the restaurant so she's not in any pictures. Sad face.
I put the pictures on facebook last night, and the reaction to Janna's supreme sexiness was insane. All of her friends commented on how great she looked. That's one of my favorite parts of this photography gift I have, that I can give my friends confidence and help them feel beautiful with it.

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