We have this thing that we do in my group of friends. During the school year, for anyone's birthday, we arrange a surprise party. Now, the problem with this is we can only do it so many times before the surprise element isn't so surprising anymore.

So when it was Janna's birthday last week we tried everything to keep it a surprise, but still when I was trying to get her to come over to my house for some "epic mac and cheese" and to see my apartment because we've been talking about her seeing it since I moved in months ago, she was questioning why. But I managed to get her to come over with Tina, her roommate, and we ate that mac and cheese.

After dinner she tried on some of my dresses to find one to wear out the next night. One of the dresses was strapless, so she borrowed a strapless bra of mine to try on with the dress, and was pleased to discover it fit her much better than the ones she'd been wearing. Like, very VERY pleased and excited about this discovery because she was fed up with her bras not fitting.

We got back to her apartment and she saw her other roommate Lauren, who'd been having similar bra issues, in the living room, she went, "Lauren! I found a solution to our problem! It's our bra size! I'm not the size I thought, I'm Kodi's size! We should go bra shopping and get measured together!"

And then she walks to her room. And everyone jumps out and yells "SURPRISE!!!!" And she falls to her knees laughing, and totally embarrassed. Officially the best surprise party ever.

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