One last Christmas dream for a little while.

I got and iPod when I graduated high school...and I may have been a little rough on it. The screen is pretty badly scratched, and for some reason, no matter what set of headphones I put in it, only one of them will work unless I press my finger on the part that goes into my iPod the whole time I listen.

If I ask my dad for money or gift cards for Christmas he'll get me something ridiculous because he thinks he has an idea of what I'd actually like when he totally doesn't. And he really likes giving tangible presents instead of letting me do my own shopping. So I was thinking I'd ask him for an iPod Touch. Something tangible, pretty straight forward, and something I'd really like.

If I'm going to get a new iPod, the iPod Touch is what I'd want. It's an upgrade from the one I have, but it's way, WAY cooler. There's apps. And lots of games. And wifi, which is my favorite feature. I'm aware I'm pathetic for wanting to be online pretty much all the time, but I really enjoy that option.

And, of course, the first thing I'd buy is a pretty case to keep my new iPod safe. I was looking at all the colors and thinking about purple or blue...but then I remembered my phone. And my room at home. And my bedspread at my apartment. Yellow it is.

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