Christmas is coming up! It seems far away yet but my mom's nagging reminders to come up with a Christmas List proves I'm wrong. Mom and I always just go shopping together for things for me, because I like clothes and I'm so picky now it's impossible to shop for me. But I can't just go shopping and get whatever I like that day. I have to think about it in great detail and finally pick things I really love. It's my new rule with buying clothes, because otherwise I can come home with things I'm not really that excited about. And clothes can make me really happy outside of just serving the purpose of covering my body.

This year I've gotten a lot of shoes. I got black pumps and snakeskin tan/cream pumps, and brown sandal heels and black sandal heels. I love them all and I got them all at great prices(snakeskin pumps, $11!, brown sandal heels, $18!). I've found if you just keep going back to the clearance section and checking on your favorite shoes, they'll come down from the $50-$80 range to the $10-$30 range, which is much more desirable.

I already got one pair of shoes for the fall season that I'm in love with, knee high slouchy black flat boots. I wore them to all but one fall wedding and they looked super cute and helped keep me warm when we were shooting outside. They're perfect. Another pair of boots I'm thinking of is an ankle pair...these ones specifically, from ALDO. They're on sale for $39...but they still might be a little too much for me. I'll probably wait and see if they come down. Or maybe cave. I do love them, they'd be a perfect Christmas present. I love the grey, they're versatile and would look great with my skinny jeans!

Today one of the girls in my class had cute little blue flats on, and I really liked those too. They would've looked great with my cream/tan/navy outfit I had going on today, instead of not really knowing what shoes to pull from my closet to wear. Maybe these will wind up on my Christmas List too!

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