Adam is my boss, and I'm so thankful for Adam. I'm thankful that God found me this job.

Adam text messaged me today and said that he'd just been looking at other photographer's websites and had convinced himself he sucked and needed to work to get way better. Now, he by no means sucks(check it out), but the fact that he's humble about his talent and wants to continually work to get better? This makes him a great man to work with.

I'm thankful that he's open to my suggestions and is allowing me, the not-even-out-of-college kid to have a voice in his business. He knows how to encourage me and give me confidence.

I'm thankful for the friendship we've created. I could have worked with someone who I didn't have any desire to ever see outside of the workplace, but instead I've got someone who I know is my friend, and who I know values the friendship we share. I'm new in the workplace, but I think that's a good thing.


So, thank you God, for blessing me, for now, with a boss who has a mind that works like mine.

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