So this past week I had one of those milestone birthdays. I'm now twenty one. I think that means all the exciting, happy milestone birthdays are over, until like 100.

Turning 21 wasn't as exciting to me as it is to most people, the due to the whole not-drinking-alcohol-much thing. But it is nice to know that there are certain things I can now enjoy, like being able to go out to a club and go dancing. I was so excited about that, despite the fact that my dancing skills are laughable. The place we went out to recently cancelled their DJs on Wednesday nights due to the lack of people out during the week, but they let us make our own playlist and played all those songs for us. It was even better that way.

I played some darts...got two bullseyes and also managed to not even hit the board on a couple throws. Definitely random, no skill involved at all. I didn't even try pool.

The best thing about turning 21: All the friends that showed up for the occasion. My roommate from freshman year who's still one of my best friends came and spent the night in Green Bay with us. My roommate from sophomore year and her best friend who also spent a lot of time in our apartment came and brought a friend. My current roommates. Two good from high school and college came out that I haven't really seen all summer. One of my best guy friends from high school who I can pick up a conversation with like no time has passed came out. It was just such a fun time being able to see a bunch of my friends from different circles all hanging out together.

The worst thing about turning 21: At work whenever a creepy guy that I'd been waiting on all night asked me to stay after my shift and have a drink or meet them someplace later, I'd always say, sorry, I can't, I'm only 20! Um...WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY NOW?!

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  1. You're going to say "No thanks!" :D Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!