I've decided to try something new. I'm going to start randomly posting posts dedicated to people I'm thankful for. Maybe like one a month. It gives me time to reflect on that person and put why I'm thankful for them into words, a process that makes me appreciate them even more.

For my first post : my friend and roommate, Laura.

I'm so thankful for Laura's generosity. Nothing is too big a task when it comes to the people she cares about. I admire that trait in her, and love that I can call her at 11 at night to freak out about a guy or my family or whatever happens to be on my mind and she's so willing to listen.

I'm thankful for her spontaneity. She's as crazy as me, and she loves running outside in the rain. I'd never done that before I met her, and now whenever it rains I hope I'll get home before it stops so we can go be crazy and laugh until we cry.

My favorite thing about Laura is how we communicate. We always pick on each other, saying "get out of my head!" whenever we say aloud what the other one is thinking, but I'm so thankful that she's in my head. She gets me, she thinks the same way as me, and I love that we can talk without words.


Now that I've spent time reflecting on Laura...it seems like it'd be wrong to end this without thanking the one who allows me to have that friendship in the first place. Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors, and at the end of her acknowledgements pages in every book she writes she always says something like, "And to my Heavenly Father, who has, for now, blessed me with these." I've always loved that...and it seems appropriate to put something similar after posts like these.

So, thanks God, for blessing me, for now, with Laura, and the friendship we share.

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