This 4th of July I really, really wanted sparklers. Like, more than I wanted regular fireworks. Which is weird, because regular fireworks are supposed to be way cooler than plain ole little sparklers. I didn't wind up finding any sparklers though, oh well.

I spent Thursday and Friday with my family, on the lake skiing. My cousin was doing some pretty crazy stuff, hop docks(hopping off the dock with one ski on as the boat pulls you) and fly docks(jumping off the dock as the boat pulls you off it with a barefooting suit on and no skis, wrapping your feet around the rope and riding on your butt until you stand up and barefoot) and barefooting. The old timers ski show was coming up, and he had to prove to himself he still had it. He pulled everything off flawlessly. It was so nice to get out there, first time this year, and fireworks on the lake are always better because you can see their reflection in the water.

The actual 4th I was back with the boy, and it was so fun. There was a cookout at his house, and then we went and watched friends play softball(and win!) and came back for a homemade fireworks show. Let me tell you , those boys love fire!

Last night made me thankful for my boyfriend's friends. I love spending time with him, and he's happy and silly and fun when he's with me, but he's got a whole different kind of happy that comes out when he's spending time with his guy friends(and playing with fire) that's important too, and I'm so thankful he has that the same way I have that with my girlfriends.

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