So a while ago there was this thing floating around facebook, where you were supposed to come up with 25 things about yourself and write them out and post them in a note. I did it, because I am a dork. And then I recently found the document in my files and thought I'd post it on here too.

Without further ado, 25 things about moi.

(1) I didn't want to do this when I first saw it and then I got bored and now I'm giving it a shot. Twenty-five things could be tough.

(2) I think it's possible to fall in love with activities in a similar way to falling in love with people. Like, what you're passionate about. I'm totally in love with photography and it's a part of my every day. Something I would miss and feel slightly lost without, the way I would feel if I lose someone I loved.

(3) I absolutely despise the smell of cigarette smoke, sometimes it makes me ill, and yet I waitress in a bar and love my job.

(4) I'm a hopeless romantic. All the grand gestures that guys do in movies I totally love...but only if they're heartfelt. If some guy covers my home in rose petals and writes me a song that he sings to me passionately when he doesn't even know me that well, I'm going to be annoyed, not swept off my feet. Stuff like that takes time, you can't really appreciate someone until you know them.

(5) That being said, a guy with a good voice is a huge turn-on. But is also by no means a requirement. Being able to appreciate music, however, is kind of a requirement. And also a turn-on.

(6) For a while, my facebook profile said I was interested in both men and women. I have no idea how that happened and it's definitely not true. I'm into men.

(7) I have a lot of my eventual wedding planned, like even down to who I want to photograph it. There's no groom in this picture, just flowers and dresses and details. It's a girl thing. I've been thinking about it since birth. Photographing weddings every weekend does not help matters.

(8) I have a desire to learn to bartend, because where I work, the bartenders have to work faster than the waitresses, and I love fast paced environments. I actually like working for my money.

(9) I'm a Christian, and I don't know how I'd get through my life without knowing there's a God who loves me unconditionally, and who has a plan for me and who gives my life worth.

(10) I'm a compulsive tooth brusher. Seriously, like five times a day. Definitely in the morning and at night, and then whenever I'm leaving my apartment or after I eat. I just like having fresh breath.

(11) I love fashion and style. Experimenting with clothes, makeup, hairstyles. Soaking up advertisements, learning from the marketing. Watching shows about housing design, devouring blogs. I love all of it.

(12) I used to think that girls using Halloween to dress like a total slut was retarded...and then I tried it. Granted, my definition of slutty is probably much tamer than most people's, but I when I had to dress up for work I was a naughty school girl and I loved it. I then decided that if at any point in your life it can be considered just plain old fun to dress slutty on Halloween, it's when you're in college. It's one day where you can kind of get away with it.

(13) I love kids. I cannot wait to have my own even though I'm absolutely terrified of going through pregnancy and child birth and having the responsibility of raising a child. But seriously, no one totally knows what they're doing, and it's not an experience I'm going to be scared out of. And the same way I have my wedding planned, I have potential kid names picked out. It's what I do in class when I'm bored.

(14) My favorite color is yellow, and I have a phone cover that's bright yellow. And I really don't care that it makes me look like a teeny bopper college kid, it helps me stand out as an individual, and I'm okay with that.

(15) Ice cream is my kryptonite.

(16) I'm independent. I don't date someone just to have someone to hold me, and when I am dating someone, I still need things that are mine. I like my life to be busy and I like to accomplish things on my own. I need that independence.

(17) NYC. I need to go there before I die. And see a show on Broadway, and see Times Square.

(18) My favorite t shirt in the whole wide world is a plain white v neck t from GAP. I got it on sale for like six dollars. It's the softest shirt ever and I can put my vest or a blazer over it and look casual preppy or I can wear it with sweats and just be comfortable and it's wonderful for layering. Basics are underrated.

(19) Songs from musicals tend to get to me more than any other song. I think it's because I understand the character, there's background there. So many more ways to apply it to my life. It's why I like TV shows better than movies, you spend more time with the characters and love them more because of it.

(20) I like wine. I'm not a person who likes to drink to get drunk, but I love the idea of a glass of wine with dinner and love trying different wines.

(21) My dogs are like my children. I don't expect this to change until I've had actual human children, and even then, my dogs will be an important part of my life.

(22) I love swimming and being in the water. Possibly because it's something I'm generally good at that's athletic. I'm not going to win any races or anything, but I can hold my own and swim for long periods of time. Waterskiing is one my favorite things too, and I really want to learn to wakeboard well. I'm currently pretty pathetic.

(23) I've always been this kid who got along better with adults. I think it's because I don't have any siblings. I was always around adults, and I was always just a little bit more comfortable with them.

(24) I have this guilty pleasure called Gossip Girl. Stupid, silly, overly dramatic show that makes me happy. I also love Grey's Anatomy, and Bones.

(25) I'm internally optimistic. I can't help it, and while I have my bad days, I tend to always think glass half full about things. Why would I enjoy life if I didn't have reason to be optimistic? It's just how I am.

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