I finished my summer classes two days early to spend some time with my mom's extended family at a cottage they always rent the last week of July. I always enjoy spending time with them, but the fact that it marked the end of my summer classes only made it that much better. Oh, and the fact that my beautiful, wonderful, absolutely perfect brand new camera arrived at my parents house(sending it to my townhouse meant it could be waiting on my doorstep in our slightly sketchy area...wasn't going to take any chances) the day before I was planning to go to the cottage. Seeing as there's lots of little children running around the cottage, I had plenty of opportunities to play around and learn with my new camera. Here's some samples.

Jenna, the flirt.

Ty, with his cute smile.

Jacob, with his new glasses

Jacie, with her big, beautiful eyes.
Ryan, looking more grown up than I've ever seen him.

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