Big news...I'M BUYING A CAMERA!! I realize I'm the only one excited about this, but that's beside the point.

I'm also freaking out a little bit about buying a camera because, well, they're not cheap. But I can afford it and it will make me money and it's also going to help me learn faster than the camera a currently have, plus it can accommodate lenses my current camera can't. So it's a wise purchase, just still an expensive one that makes me slightly mournful about the serious bite it's going to take out of my checking account.

Just look at it! The sight of it nearly makes me drool with anticipation.

Then, today, I was scrolling through the blogs I often read, and on one called Stuff Under Twenty(that's full of deals that are under $20! Some of the cutest stuff, home decor and clothing items, and they often post more than one post a day. Splendid!), they're doing a giveaway for a Designs by Jessie slip cover for camera straps! I definitely put my name, how awesome would it be to win a new drool-worthy camera strap to go with my new drool-worthy camera?! Happiness!

Here's my favorite, I think. I really love yellow with black and white lately. So summery!

I also really like this one though, more elegant. The giveaway allows you to pick the cover you want, so cool! I've got my fingers crossed! :)

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