When summer comes, I get swimsuit obsessed. Well, particularly swimsuit obsessed. I'm kind of always a little obsessed. I usually buy one a year. Far more than necessary. But, in my defense, I don't buy them unless they're cheap. Cheaper than the ones I'm showing you now. And I tend to buy them off season when they're way on sale.

These are a few I really love this season.
1- Awesome print from American Eagle! Tribal fun.
2- I always love like 45289739847 swimsuits on Victoria's Secret's website, and especially love how many of the pieces can be mixed and matched. This print really caught my eye, the top wouldn't work for me, I need some straps, but I love the colors and the cut of the bottoms!
3- A one piece. I haven't worn a one piece in years, so many of them didn't flatter me, but this one looks so retro and the ruffles would be so flattering, I'm kind of in love.

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