Tuesday started my summer class. Last year I did two summer classes. They were both online. Required me to be no where at a specific time. It was wonderful. This year, my class is on campus. From 9-12 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Which isn't horrible. But Tuesday was bright and sunny and gorgeous. And people in shorts and tshirts and skirts kept walking by our window, consequently making me feel slightly depressed.

Wednesday though, it was pouring. Bring and umbrella to get to class pouring. Pouring so loudly the teacher stopped to comment on how loud it was hitting the ceiling. And apparently pouring so much that our ceiling couldn't handle it. A drop fell from the ceiling and hit the table about six inches from my notebook. And then a few more drops fell. And I moved the cup that had contained a banana smoothee in it to where the drops were coming from.

An hour later, when I left, there was about an inch of water in the cup. Our class is in the newest building on campus. Crazy.

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