This, my friends, is my New York trip. In a nutshell.

Our hotel::
The Belvedere. Right in the middle of the theater district. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kelsey Grammar both were performing on the street we stayed on. Nice, clean, happy hotel. With a little everything store down the road with flowers outside. I loved that there were flowers right there.

- Billy Elliot. We had good seats in the front mezzanine and the show was good, about a boy who's a really good dancer and a whole community that pulls together to help him get an audition to a school that would give them a better life than he'd have in their small town. As a whole, more impressive in the dancing than musically. And I'm a music freak, so it wasn't as cool to me.

- Promises, Promises. with Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth. It was super funny, they both have amazing voices. Sean Hayes has the best comedic timing, and there were a few extra characters that had smaller rolls but ones that added so much humor. We laughed a ton. During intermission the kid behind me noticed that Chris Colfer, Kurt from Glee, was sitting in the theater watching. So I figured I'd kick myself if I didn't go down and talk to him/get his autograph -- but I still felt like a moron being like "so...I like Glee...and yeah. Sign my program?" There's just not that much to say to someone famous that you really know nothing about. But I got the autograph and a story.

- Memphis. We got tickets last minute at the TKTS booth, and it turned out to be the best of the shows. We laughed and teared up and took in all the incredible dancing(the way those people can BEND!) and really impressive singing, what I love. It was about segregation -- a white guy who loves black music and stumbles into a black bar and falls in love with the singer, and her big brother is angry and his mother is angry, but he gets black music on the radio and people start to love it and accept those differences more, but they face challenges the whole way which is why it's so emotional because it's so hard to watch and know how black people were treated. But it was sooo goood.

- TKTS. Not a musical, but where we got the tickets for Memphis. It worked out really nice for us on the last day because we happened to be in Times Square when the line was super short and we hopped in with our gelato before it got too long. We had to wait about 45 minutes for the booth to open, and then another 30 before we got to the front. I wouldn’t have wanted to do that any other day, because it takes a lot of your time, and it’s right in the middle of the day. But it did work out nicely for us on the last day.

The bakeries::
On every corner. The yummy, yummy bakeries. We stopped at a few along the way, including Crumbs. THEY MAKE CUPCAKES. I was in love.

Oh my goodness. There are SO MANY STORES. And they’re all so BIG. Just big big big. I geeked out. I got to see Anthropologie and J Crew and H&M and all these stores that aren’t near by me. Went into Saks Fifth Avenue, touched a $2000 dress. And the SHOES. Everywhere, the shoes. The incredible, incredible shoes. I wanted these Gucci boots so bad. Little pricey and impractical, however. They cost more than I would spend on a wedding dress. Um, yeah.

Central Park::
Bigger than expected. It really is quite huge, you could get lost in there. It's still every much New York in the sense that wherever you go you see people, but you also see green everywhere. Horses and bikers and people running hills with their trainers. Lots of people go there to work out. Lots of groups of children too -- a bunch of kids went running by us where we were sitting to run down the hill in front of us. It's more than just trees and hills too -- there's fields for every kind of sport, playground equipment, a zoo, a carousel and boathouses on ponds.

Overall observations::
- I don't like people being everywhere when I'm trying to walk. The rush hour times were insane.
- People wear the coolest stuff, and ridiculous heels to walk blocks and blocks in.
- They give you bread in every restaurant! Score!
- I could live there for like a year. It's awesome and a psych experiment just walking around and I loved being close to things and all the little places to eat, plus I'd be happy knowing I lived someplace where the cops ride horses -- but I will forever want a family in a town, not a crazy city.
Stay tuned for a post about the clothing!

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