When I was little, I somehow started calling my stepdad "Bud". Not really sure how that happened, or who came up with it, but pretty much all the while I've known him I've called him Bud. Or Bubba. Or Bubsypoo. Though I'm not sure I'm supposed to disclose that piece of information to the internet...
Father's Day cards are always so hard to find for him, because they practically all say "dad" on them. He's not my Dad, but he's my Bubba. And my definition of the name "Bubba" is the same as most people's definition of the name "Dad".
On Father's Day we went to watch his brother play baseball, but before we left, I made my mom take a picture of the two of us together. We don't have very many together, and I like pictures. Especially ones with the people I love. And I love him.

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