I spend a lot of time looking at blogs. A LOT. They’re this constant source of inspiration. I have hundreds of ideas for my future home and future wedding – not to mention the photo ideas that I get every day.

Today I’m going a shoot inspired by something I first saw in a magazine. Since then it’s been added to with what I’ve seen on blogs, and then my vision’s been poured all over it. Tweaking the things I really love, changing what I don’t, and adding what I think fits. The inspiration I get form magazines and blogs makes me better – and makes the final product I create better. I love it.

This isn’t what I’m doing today – but it’s something that interests me and that I’m starting to develop a vision for. It’s this relaxed, casual, un-done comfortable summer look. Not necessarily what you'd leave the house wearing, but what you wear around the house to stay cool.
highwaisted skirt and a cute bra. thumbs up.
scarf! ring! sweater! shorts!
kind of in love with the patchwork quilt.
love her braid! loose and flowy.

cigarettes are gross. but that ring? that headband? that hair?! love.

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