Every year at Christmastime my mom goes a little crazy and makes it impossible to enter our kitchen at home without leaving a pound heavier. I love it. Not the pound heavier part, but the mass-amounts-of-sweets-at-my-disposal part. When I was in high school, we'd put together tins of goodies and I'd bring them to my teachers as a little Christmas present. Since graduating, I still bring them to some teachers. My choir teacher, because I love her, and my drafting teacher, because he's friends with my stepdad and my whole family loves him.

Now, the thing about my high school is they have awful awful office staff. Not all of them maybe, but the ones I dealt with yesterday definitely. They were rude, they ignored me and weren't willing to work with me at all to get these sweets to my teachers when neither of them were in class at the time. The best they could do was deliver the sweets to my teachers themselves. After a while they finally let me go see my choir teacher, but I couldn't see my drafting teacher because he was on a field trip.

Today I found out from my drafting teacher that while he was gone the ladies helped themselves to his treats.

Oh I don't think so. Are you KIDDING me? You treat me like CRAP and then STEAL his gift? They didn't eat it all, but really? That's infuriating. Next year there is no way they're delivering the treats. And I really don't think I'll have any problem telling them why that won't be the case.

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  1. Hi KJ! Thought I'd try you again here. You won the Dressing On The Side giveaway last week and Donna's hoping to get in touch with you to get you the shirt of your choice. Can you email me ASAP and I'll put you two in touch?