So, remember a while back when I posted about the Tiffany & Co key necklaces that I'd fallen in love with but would never ever buy due to the fact that I can't make myself spend that much on jewelry for myself? Well, I now own one.

When I went with Phil's family to Cranberry Fest, on the way I flipped through a magazine next to Phil. He looked at some of it with me, and on one of those pages was an ad for the Tiffany keys. I mentioned something about how I thought they were awesome but would never get one because of the price tag. Phil asked me if I'd be mad if he got me one, in his usual joking voice that means he's not serious about what he's saying. I laughed and told him, yes, I'd be mad, but I'd probably get over it. And then put on the necklace and NEVER TAKE IT OFF.

I promptly forgot about the conversation, but apparently Phil didn't. And he picked out the same key that I'd have picked out for myself and gave it to me for Christmas. In a pretty little Tiffany blue box.

I have the best boyfriend in the whole world. And yes, I thought that before Christmas.

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