For Jilane's wedding I get to pick out any pair of grey shoes I want to wear. This prospect is super exciting to me and I've already searched a lot of sites online, though ordering shoes offline makes me a little nervous so I'm going to shop in the store first.

Because her wedding is in March, I want boots. If my feet get cold the rest of me is soon to follow, so I want to be able to keep them as warm as possible. Jilane's wearing boots with her dress too! I also want heels, partly because I'm standing up with girls who are taller than me and partly because heels make me feel pretty!

All three of these options are less than $30! Happy days. Granted, they're probably not the most comfortable pair of shoes out there, but now that I've discovered Dr. Scholl's has the ability to make basically any pair of shoes comfortable, problem is solved.

Mom and I are going shopping this week. We'll see what I can find in stores before I order offline!

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