I discovered a new blog today. It's called Style Me Pretty. I've fallen in love with it. It's all ideas for brides, and the last few posts have been about a project they did. It's called From Inspiration to Reality, and it's where they take an inspiration board and let different designers go at it and make a beautiful 'wedding' out of it. And the final product was amazing. These pictures are unfortunately shrunk down, so click over to Style Me Pretty to see the large images.

Some of the great things about this wedding:
-- the old postal boxes. instead of a guest book, these guests were asked to write a little letter to the couple and slide it in one of the boxes. how great is that?
-- the 'kissing booth'. there's signs that say "pucker up!" it makes me smile.
-- the dessert table isn't just the cake. it goes with and ABC theme, there's apple turnovers, bon bons, cupcakes, and donuts!

It's outside. with mismatched old tables and dressers. And there's a SWING. A beautiful old swing made with rope and a slab of wood.
It's completely romantic. I love the flowers in lots of vases.

It almost makes me want to throw out my life-long dream of a fall wedding for lots of pastel colors and flowers everywhere. Almost.

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