My boyfriend is adorable. And I'm sure he'd love that adjective being used to describe him.

Today I had to present a project for a class, and I was stressing out about it, because it was a group thing, and well, I've been a little frustrated with this particular group. So I was frazzled, and texting Phil about it. He told me that'd I'd be fine, that I'm good in front of groups and that all I could do was do my part well, and he had no doubt that I'd do well. All the normal things he says to me when I'm frazzled.

Knowing these things but still being frustrated, I replied with something slightly sarcastic like, "yeah yeah", and he sent back, "do you believe me?". I told him that I did, and his response was, "Good. I'm trustworthy. Like a dog."

He compares himself to a dog to make me smile. This is why I love him.

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