I am a zitty person. I just always have been, even when I never skip a day of washing my face and keep my hands off it as much as possible and do all the normal things you're supposed to do to prevent breakouts. I'm just zit-prone, it happens, I deal.

I'd always used ProActiv, and it worked pretty well for a while, far better than anything else I'd tried, but I was still always sometimes zitty. Recently though, my aunt, who has very similar skin to me, gave me a nearly empty bottle of Rodan & Fields's Unblemish cleanser to try.
The stuff is magic. My face was crystal clear. Not a single zit.

I loved it, but I was still trying to decide if it was worth the price difference, or if ProActiv did a good enough job for me to deal with. And then my sample bottle ran out, and I could find constellations in the zits sprouting up all over my face despite the fact that I was still using ProActiv.

Oh it is DEFINITELY worth the price difference. There's a bottle en route to my house as we speak.

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