I've found a new love.

I told Phil this early today and he was not nearly as upset as he should of been. Apparently he just knows me well enough to know that my new fascination doesn't effect my love for him. Ruins my fun.

Anyway, this new thing I'm in love with is Dr. Scholl's insoles. They are amazing. My mom has been using them for a while and I never thought much of it, because I don't tend to have feet issues. However, weddings in dress shoes all summer, even if they're flats, have been changing that a bit. I borrowed a set of my mom's insoles and tried them out in my flats...and suddenly they're supportive! It's a miracle! They're comfy for long periods of time and my heels don't get sore anymore.

So, if you've got achy feet, I highly recommend picking up yourself a pair of those wonderful insoles.

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