I am hopelessly addicted to Victoria's Secret PINK. I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't help myself.

What's cool about PINK is how phenomenal their marketing is. They leave no detail out, and they've defined their brand. Most people think of sexy things when they think of regular Victoria's Secret, because that's how they've branded their store in general, but PINK is for college girls, and a younger, more fun version of sexy. Still bras and underwear, but with funny(underwear with lollipops and the word "sucker" on them), bright patterns at a more affordable price. Not that it's cheap, but slightly more affordable than their usual stuff. Plus they have comfortable clothing, like zip ups, hoodies, sweatpants and yoga wear, and perfumes and body sprays in light, fruity scents. They've got a younger set of models with bright-eyed, girl-next-door looks and the photoshoots are fun and basic.
They use a little dog as part of their logo, and they also sell them, or often offer them free with a PINK purchase. I love mine, just because it's bright and happy. They do a lot with coupons for a free panty, or $10 off a purchase, drawing broke college kids in, and they market using things those college kids care about. They've combined a peace sign with a heart in their current line, and promote things like going green and recycling with a hint of college-age humor(shirts saying, "save water, shower together").
It's so smart. They bring young girls in giving them exactly what they need at that stage of their lives, and then they've already got that door opened for when those college girls get their first jobs and need professional clothing, and guess what? Those coupons work for any Victoria's Secret product, not just the PINK line. Maybe $10 free would be better used towards a purchase for Victoria's Secret dress pants, or a blazer, or new wear-anytime boots that they can wear to work and wear out at night. And when that working girl gets married, there's a whole section of white lace that her husband is bound to enjoy on their wedding night.
Possibly the most brilliant thing they've done is teamed up with colleges, combining the school's logo with theirs, and making it available online and in stores near those colleges. I bought right into that scheme, ordering a zip up as soon as they came out. Girls love that stuff, having athletic wear that's more girly, fitted and also carrying the VS logo.
They've recently put out a new line of organic body care products. Lotions, hand cream, chapstick, shave cream, body wash. The works. All the products are green, and I'm crazy about them. I'm not even a huge green backer. I mean, it's 100% a good idea and I try to make smart purchases, but if a lotion smells good and moisturizes, I'm going to buy it whether or not it's green. I tried the shave cream and think it's excellent, but what I really love is the lotion.

There's three of them, Energizing, Nourishing, and Soothing. There are days where I wear all three. I put on the Energizing first thing in the morning because it smells so fresh and gets me more excited about my bike ride. Then after my shower I'll put on the Nourishing one for the day, or whatever other lotion I might want to smell like. Before bed I put on the Soothing one...it smells amazing and makes me sleepy because it's a part of my nighttime routine now. There's no question, I'm definitely hooked.

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