I just finished a book. Never the Bride.

Now, admittedly, I'm a bit of a cheesy girl who likes her sappy love stories from time to time. So I was all excited to fall into a light hearted little book about someone falling in love 27 Dresses style.

Was it ever not what I expected. The beginning was the same...with the main character going on a series of hopeless dates, crushing on her best friend, and wanting love more than anything. But then God shows up. For real. God shows up, in the flesh. And at first I was all, okay, this is weird. But as it went on...it shows both how God wants to romance us...wants us to continually fall in love with Him, and shows how He knows what He's doing, and we're best off when we relinquish our pens to Him and let Him write our life story.

Oh boy, do I need that reminder sometimes. I know so much of how I want my life to go, what I'm working for and what I want to become of it...but that doesn't mean it's God's plan. And I really should let God have the pen in my life...and let Him take the lead. Letting Him bring me where He knows I should be is what I want...I want what He wants for me because I know it's best. But letting go of that pen...letting go and finding out what God wants for me even when it's not what I want...that's the hard part.

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