I have an addiction called One Tree Hill.

...I'm realizing a lot of my blogs start with me mentioning things I'm addicted to. I wonder if I should be concerned about that...

This addiction started at the beginning of the summer when my roommate Laura started watching my roommate Amanda's seasons of OTH. I would see bits and pieces of it while it was on in the living room...and then I got suckered in and started watching the seasons myself.

It's really not all that good. Honestly, some of the acting is beyond terrible, and now that I'm in the 5th season things are getting to be all too predictable. But...they still make it possible to connect with the characters. And connecting with the characters is what makes me like a show. However, I still enjoy Bones and Grey's far more than One Tree Hill...shows where I connect with the characters and the writing and acting is actually good.

Point of this is, I'm getting my hair cut. And I'm getting it cut like Haley, one of the characters on the show. This season she has perfect short hair. I've been trying to grow mine out again but it really doesn't look that great grown out. I don't have thick, gorgeous hair. I have hair that's fine will never look full when it's long. So, short hair it is. And I love love love Haley's hair this season. I'm also getting it colored like hers...just a bit darker than mine already is.

Problem with this is, I can't get it cut until after my friend Kim's wedding, because we all have to have updos and I'm doing my own hair and have no idea how to make short hair look good all up. Oh well, it's only a month!

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