At the wedding I went to this weekend I sat at a table with Phil's family, plus his cousin and her husband. His dad and his brother have I think a 15 year age difference, so his cousin is in her late thirties or early forties, not real sure. Somewhere in there.

She's really bubbly and lots of fun, and she said something that made me go all mushy and aw-like. She said she likes whatever I've done to Phil, because she thought he'd said more that day than in all the time she'd known him.

Obviously an exaggeration, but probably not too much of a stretch. I'm dating a quiet guy. Another way we're polar opposites. He's always been talkative with me, but after she said that I've noticed how he really is more talkative just in general. He was talkative at the wedding, and when we went out to BWW, he talked to all my friends. A couple months ago we had a cookout and he was seriously silent for over an hour. He conversed the whole time we were at Wings.

It makes me happy that I'm rubbing off on him. He's rubbing off on me in so many good ways too. :)

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