I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I think we've been over this before. Just reminding you that, yes, I am aware of this addiction. And no, I have no intentions of recovering from it.

So. The season finale is next week. Which means this week the prepared us for it. And the things that happened this week and the things that are in the previews for next week are INSANE. Crazy insane.

But there's one part that I'm REALLY super excited about. And I cannot wait to see what happens. See, I like Sloan. As does every other woman in the world, because um, this is what he looks like:

And this is what he looks like when he smiles:

And that makes me love him a little. Shallow, I know. But I do like his character on the show for reasons that don't involve the way he looks. He's a player. But he's in love with Lexi. He was a player, and then he dated her in a real live-with-her and date-only-her way. And then his daughter appeared and they broke up and his daughter had a baby. And then the baby was adopted and the daughter went away and Sloan was left alone and sad and he went back to his player ways.
But in this last episode, he finally just talks to Lexi. And he tells her her loves her and wants to be with her. Only problem, Lexi has a boyfriend. Which she mentions. She just says, "I...I have a boyfriend." And Mark calmly goes, "I know. I'm just saying you could have a husband."

Which made me go "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" And I really hope she does pick Mark -- because I like Mark when he's with her. He's the guy you want to like but you don't really because he's a player...so I want him to be with Lexi because he's a good guy for her.

And yes. I know these people aren't real.

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