1- the last week of school. Oh thank goodness it’s done! I love selling back my books and finishing classes for the semester, it’s so nice to know I have a break ahead of me, even when I have a campus as beautiful as UWGB.
2- letters. I love letters. Writing them and receiving them. By mail, because mail is so much better than email. So much more exciting – and so much more anticipation.
3- volleyball. Now, I’m bad at volleyball. Well. Not horrible. I’ll put it this way. I’m good at family reunion volleyball, bad at competitive volleyball. But I love to hit the ball around with my friends and family.
4- walks. I love taking walks, preferably on beaches, but since those are hard to come by in Wisconsin I’ll settle for walking up and down my dead end road with my parents or taking a walk around campus with my friends. I just love feeling stretched out and relaxed.
5- coconut lime verbena lotion. From Bath and Body Works. This stuff smells like vacation. I prefer the body cream because it’s thicker without being too dense that it’s hard to rub in, but in any form, the scent is wonderful!

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