Do you know what happens in your last semester of college? When you're employed at four places at the same time? You lose every last drop of your free time. EVERY LAST DROP. Which is why there was a serious decline in posting.

However, once that degree is obtained, and a normal 40 hr per week type job is acquired, time comes creeping back. In an exceptionally structured sense that I just love. With a bit of waitressing and photography on the side.

One thing I don't love is the decline of the need for anything creative in my current job. Which, of course, lead me right back to blogging. And my picture of the day. This time, it's going to have fewer rules. 5 days a week, instead of 7. I guess that was the only rule, and it's one I'm choosing to change. But two days of freedom is important.

The content will be the usual, food, style related shots, or anything that simply looks pretty. Things that are naturally in my life more than things I search to find, because even though time has crept back, it turns out I never once spent 40 hours a week solely on school. So while some days will be more adventurous than others, most will be about what I experience daily.

So welcome to A Picture A Day :: Part 2!

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